List of documents for Non-Immigrant Visa Category “B”

1. Application from (TM.7)
2. A copy of applicant’s passport
3. Alien employment certification by the Office of Immigration.(Sor.Tor.Mor.1)
4. A copy of work permit
5. Proof of corporate formation e.g. certificate of company or partnership certified by the Registrar within the previous 6 months
6. Certified list of shareholders certified by the Registrar within the previous 6 months
7. A copy of latest balance sheet and income statement, together with corporate income tax return and receipt Copy of Sor.Bor.Chor.3 (certified by the Revenue Dept or Business Development Dept. or the Auditor or original documents only.)
8. Copy of 3 latest monthly withholding tax returns showing the name of employees and the alien applicant, together with receipt
9. Copy of latest personal income tax return of the applicant, together with receipt
10. Copy of latest monthly social security contributions return filed with the Social Security Office (From Sor.Por.Sor.1-10) together with receipt
11. Copy of 3 latest monthly Value add tax return (Por.Por.30 or Por.Por.36) together with receipt
12. Proof of the need of the business to employ the alien e.g. no Thai candidate has applied after advertising such position etc
13. Location map of the place of work
14. Other supporting documents required by the competent authority (Sor.Tor.Mor.2)
15. Map showing the location of the business
-Exterior photographs showing the address and the sign of company name
-Interior photographs showing the employee while working
16. Original documents of Nos. 5, 6,7,8,9 and 10 must be provided
17. In case the applicant are accompanied by the family, their vital statistics e.g. marriage certificate, of their children must be provided. If these documents were issued by a foreign government, they must be certified by such foreign embassy.

Remark : Document, every page, every piece is stamped and signed by authorized president of the company

Remark: Please prepare two sets of documents

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